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6 Quick and Easy ways to Fix an Emergency Roof Leak

emergency roof leak

A roof leak can be quite frustrating to deal with. Apart from that,  it can also be quite damaging to the structure of your roof and house. If your roof is leaking, then it can cause several problems. Mold can form on your roof, which can cause health problems. Roof Repair is a significant part of your home improvement. If the climate is not right or if you cannot afford a professional roofer, then you should go for the quick and easy fix for a roof leak. We are going to talk about the various quick fixes for emergency roof leak repair. These are as follows:

1- Use a Tarp to Cover the Leak

Using a tarp is quite an easy way to fix for emergency roof leak. After you have identified the area in the roof where there is seepage, you can very easily cover that with a tarp. What exactly is a tarp? Tarp is a long, strong, and flexible waterproof material that can be used to cover leaks.

A tarp shall protect the affected area by keeping the moisture out of it. In order to do this right, you want to make sure that you drape the top of tarp over the point of the roof. After you do this, water will not be able to run under the tarp.

2- Use Roof Cement to Patch the Roof

Roofing cement is used to fix cracks and patch holes in the roof, and make other emergency roof repairs. Roofing cement can be very easily purchased at any hardware store. This is the most effective technique when you need to apply the roof cement to a dry roof. The process of applying this process is quite a simple one. You need to just push the debris away from the hole or crack and fill it with roofing cement.

3- Use Caulk or Silicone to Block the Leakage

Although it is a temporary fix, it can be a very good gap stopper. This is specifically good for fixing a small hole in a shingle or flashing, etc. Some use silicone around chimneys, and this can become old and cracked.

4- Utilize a Rubber Sealant Coating to Stop the Leakage

While there are a number of roof leak repair products available in the market, finding the right material that can fix your roof easily can be quite a difficult task. Just like caulk and silicone, it is also a temporary fix and can work in emergency situations. These can be applied in any of the conditions, wet or dry. For smaller holes, you should find where the leak is coming from and should apply it to that particular place. For bigger areas, you might need a combination of techniques to stop the leak.

5- Utilize Roof Flashing to Cover the Leaking Area Temporarily

Roof flashing is a light material that can be applied to leaking areas of the roof. Due to the flashing, the water can run over the area without being able to get into the house. All you have to do is to apply the caulk around the leak, apply the flashing under the shingles and keep it uptight against the caulk. This shall seal it from leaking.

Flashing can be really effective around the leaks at the chimney bases or especially in the regions where most of the water drains to. This material is also used by professional roofers at the time when it is originally built for ensuring the longevity of the roof.

6- Make Use of Replacement Shingles to Patch the Roof Leak

Loose or broken shingles can increase the rate of leakage on a roof leak. It is very important to replace the broken shingles which may be causing the problem. The first and foremost thing you will have to do is to remove the damaged shingle. This can be done by allowing the shingles to pop out of the nails that hold them in the first place. After you are done with this, you can slide in a new shingle and slide it down.


Roof leaks can be a major hassle in your life. An emergency roof leak can damage the prospects of your house. We have listed above the various ways to fix an emergency leak. Following these methods, one can very easily resolve the issues related to roof leakage. However, if you find that the above-listed methods are not working for you, you should seek professional help.

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