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Solar Tiles

solar tiles

Solar Roof Tiles Installation in Austin, Texas

Being a part of the roofing industry for more than a couple of decades, Big Texas Roofing and Solar is the best roofing company in Texas. We provide all types of roof installation, repairs, and replacement. Solar roofs tiles are one of them. This roofing system is basically laying down solar tiles on your roof. With the benefit of energy-saving, the installation process of them is also quite easy. With changing times, more and more people are adopting this roofing system for the benefit of nature and themselves. These tiles turn energy from the sun into electricity. This eventually helps you in saving a big load of money on your bills.

Why Switch to Solar Tiles Roofing?

We all understand the basic functioning of solar tiles. However, there is more to them:

Reduce CO2 Footprint- If you get the solar roof tiles installation on your rooftop, you can reduce the CO2 footprint of your entire family since this is a natural source of energy that you are using for your house.

Available Designs and Styles- Unlike the earlier days, solar shingles look like basic shingles. Now, you get not only different colors but also shapes and designs to choose from. Additionally, you can merge this roofing style with normal shingles, and that won’t look bad.

Easy Maintenance- Not everyone gets time to climb their rooftop and give it a cleaning every now and then. If you are also looking for a roofing system that does not require much maintenance, then go for solar roof shingles.

Doesn’t Interfere with the Overall Structure- Installing solar tiles does not require drilling or making any holes in the rooftop. These Solar panels are attached without interfering with the building structure. This assures that you do not cause any damage or harm to it in the long run.

Investment Options– With solar tile roofing, you get two investment options. One is that you purchase the tiles and use the energy to decrease your electricity bill. The other one is that you rent the shingles and let the electricity board has the ownership. This way, you will not have to pay for the shingles, but then the electricity generated will be used by the board. This investment option is called Net Metering.

What Makes Big Texas Roofing and Solar the Best Option?

Big Texas Roofing is the best solar roof tiles company in the locality. We proffer not just our time but also years of expertise and the best quality material. Here is why you must reach out to us:

solar services items



The answer to this question solely depends upon the quality and size of solar tiles you are getting

Solar Roof Tiles are used for converting solar energy into electricity. If they are covered in snow, they will not have any exposure to sunlight and therefore, will not be able to produce energy. However, due to the structural resistance of each solar roof tile and its way of installation, the snow settled on it will not cause any structural damage to the product. Because of the of the sleek roof slope & surface provided by the solar glass, snow will easily slide off the tiles or it will be easy to clean it off them.

The solar roof tiles convert solar energy in the form of light into electricity in DC form (Direct Current). The DC electrical energy is converted to AC (Alternate Current) power by the inverter/power conditioning unit which is connected to the power grid through the AC distribution board. This is how solar roof tiles work and if you are planning to install this at your place, then you are making the very right decision.

The amount of electricity which is generated depends on the amount of sunlight which the tiles receive. There would be a small decrease in the power generated if the solar roof tiles are shaded. They also do not produce energy at night. However, with the latest technology used in the manufacture of the photovoltaic products, you can rest assured that you are getting the most effective technology for the generation of solar power in shaded areas. Through the latest technology, high performance can be obtained through highly efficient solar cells which are eco- friendly. They are usually made of copper, indium, gallium, selenide etc and free of cadmium or lead.

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