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Gaf Warranty Roofing

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GAF Warranty Roofing

Every home and business owner want a visually gorgeous roof that can keep the harsh weather and other detrimental conditions at bay to protect your home and family. You can choose your roofing design and materials based on your needs and budget. However, disruptions caused due to the inappropriate installation and low-grade materials, thereby, superseding your budgeted cost. In such a case, a warranty on your roofing can be your best bet. There are several warranty options you can choose from, before investing in a new roofing project. Explore the current GAF warranty options on roofing before you proceed any further.

Important Factors

important factors

GAF Warranty Coverage

Protective Factor

This roofing warranty offers basic coverage, which includes total roofing system coverage at 100% with an allowance of 10 years for defective materials. It also covers the labor cost of the installation for a period of 10 years. The items or accessories that are qualified as GAP products will also be covered for 10 years. It also covers the shingles that are qualified as the GAF products and gets damaged due to the wind up to 130 miles per hour.

A shingle related to the GAF production is subject to several inspections and repetitive testing, which means error or damage in an unlikely event. However, the damage can occur in instances and can impose heavy repair or replacement costs. Keeping this crucial point into consideration, GAF has formulated coverage for GAF Lifetime Designer Shingles at 30 years. Other GAF warranty coverages are GAF Timberline Lifetime Shingles (25 years of coverage), and GAF 3-Tab Shingles (20 years of coverage).

protective factor
system plus

System Plus Limited Warranty

System Plus limited warranty is the next one on the list that can offer multifaceted benefits in case of roofing installation issues. It offers 100% coverage for up to 50 years on materials that are considered to be defective. Moreover, it covers the total roofing system of a residence. Furthermore, the labor cost of the installation is also covered in this warranty for a lifetime. Defects in the workmanship are also covered for the lifetime with System Plus Limited Warranty. Also, the warranty allows 100% coverage for the workmanship defect for a period of two years. Wind coverage for up to 130 miles per hour causing issues is also covered in this warranty plan.

Silver Pledge Warranty

Silver Pledge Warranty is suitable for the higher range and provides 100% coverage for the complete roofing system for a lifetime of up to 50 years. It includes a 100% roofing system for a residence along with material defects. Additionally, the labor cost of the installation is also covered against the damages or other issues. Moreover, workmanship defects are also covered in the Silver Pledge Warranty, which also includes the defects caused due to the workmanship, for a period of 10 years. Misapplication of flashing and tear-off costs and other issues are also covered by this roofing warranty plan. It covers the GAF contractor installations and transfer of warranty.

silver pledge
golden pledge

Golden Pledge Limited Warranty

If you want the maximum coverage with a GAF Warranty Roofing, Golden Pledge Limited Warranty has got you covered. It covers the entire roofing system, 50 years direct 100% coverage. It also offers lifetime coverage for any labor involved in the process of roofing installation. Moreover, it covers the workmanship at 100%, supported by GAF FOR 25-30 years. Golden Pledge Limited Warranty also covers any misapplications, tear-offs, misuses, manufacturing defects, and disposal costs. Similar to the Silver Pledge and all GAF installations, roofing contractors are factory certified. Moreover, this warranty is transferrable.

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Choose Us as Your Local Roofer

GAF warranties offer the highest-degree coverage against the installation issues and disruptions caused due to the workmanship, or wind. When you choose Big Texas Roofing installing systems, we provide you the utmost level of professionalism and expertise to the home and business owners. Besides, you can get all your queries related to the warranty options answered. All you need is to fill out the online contact form and one of our friendly specialists will respond to you to provide the most relevant solutions.

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