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Stone-Coated Steel Roof

stone coated steel roof

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Company, Texas, TX

Big Texas Roofing and Solar is an eminent name in offering excellent-grade stone coated steel roofing in Texas and its neighbouring cities. Being a local stone coated steel roof company in Texas, we are well aware of its climatic conditions; which enables us to offer robust and durable roofing solutions to its residents. When it comes to the stone coated steel roofing, we offer a cost-effective and varied catalogue for our customers to choose from. Best-grade materials are used in making the roofing. Being the most cost-effective and versatile roofing solution, our roofing services are highly preferred among Texas homeowners. Additionally, we also offer stone coated steel roofing repair service for our valued customers.

Big Texas Roofing and Solar offers reliable stone-coated steel roofing, designed to cater to the ever-increasing demand for eco-friendly composite roofing. These stone-coated roofing products are made with multiple layers to give them the intended protection. They are lab tested against several detrimental conditions, such as acid, heat, fire, water, corrosion, and various others. Besides, they can withstand rough weather conditions, such as heavy snow, storm, wind, and lightning.

Stone-coated steel roofing gives the appearance of traditional shingles along with the strength and durability of the metal. The sheet permanently adheres to the surface of a stone, which provides the sheet with an eye-capturing look. If you are willing to upgrade your roofing with a solution that renders beauty and versatility at the same time, our stone coated roofing services have got you covered. You can harness its multitudinous advantages, such as durability, longevity, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

Benefits of Stone-Coated Steel Roofs

Anyone investing money makes sure that he is investing in the right place. Here is why you would want to put your hard-earned money on stone-coated steel roofs:

Longevity- Stone-coated steel roofs can survive for up to 70 years. They require a one-time investment in stone-coated steel roofing cost and a bit of maintenance, and then you can forget about redoing your rooftop for many decades.

Strong and Stylish- this roofing system has a base of steel. It can survive strong winds and extreme weather conditions. In addition to that, they look like stone, providing your house the look it deserves.

Low Maintenance- Once you install these shingles, you will not require to reach out to a stone-coated steel roofing repair service provider every now and then. These tiles create a strong shield on your house, protecting the structure and itself.

Energy-Saving- Because of the heat reflection quality of steel, this roofing system prevents it from entering your house. As a result, the interiors remain cool, and you use fewer electrical appliances to beat the heat.

Fire Resistant- Metal, as we all know, has fire resistance properties. Now, metal, along with stone, makes it more durable. So, you do not have to worry about the rooftop in case of a fire breakout or any similar extreme conditions.

One of the Top Stone Coated Steel Roofing Contractors

If you are planning to invest in the stone-coated steel roofing system, then you must want to hire the best stone-coated steel roofing company. Here is why Big Texas Roofing and Solar must be your choice. We work with a company-wide commitment to delivering the most relevant roofing solutions. We understand that the roofing industry doesn’t work on a one-size-fits-all system. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of roofing options to the customers. Besides, roofing projects need attention to detail and focus on quality: therefore, experience plays a crucial role here. Supported by vast industry experience, Big Texas Roofing and Solar is helping home and workplace owners with reliable stone coated metal roofing services.



When looking for a reliable residential Texas roofing service, you must look for a local roofing contractor. Big Texas Roofing and Solar is one of the most celebrated roofing companies in Texas that can assist you with your diverse roofing requirements. It also caters to the demands coming from the Texas neighbourhood areas, such as Austin, Dallas and several others. To reach out, you can dial (512) 781-0973, or mail your queries at “ office@bigtexasroof.com ”.

If you live in an area prone to natural calamities, insurance companies are likely to reward you for installing impact resistant shingles. Besides, if you install the stone coated metal roofing, then the insurance companies will reward you with the insurance discounts, as they know that homes having this roofing installed are less prone to the damage caused due to the hail storms, fires and other detrimental factors. It means that the insurance companies are less likely to pay the insurance claims.

According to the manufacturers and homeowners, stone-coated steel roofs are one of the most durable roofs that can live for up to 50-70 years. The high impact rating is credited for the long durability and longevity of this roofing. It shows great resistance against the harsh climatic conditions and other physical damages when compared with most of the other roofing types.

No! To your surprise, the modern stone coated steel roofing is way quieter when compared to the traditional asphalt shingle roof. When installed properly, it can cut the noise from rain, hail and other inclement weather conditions. So, stone coated roofing is not louder in rain. The several layers of coating not only prevent the annoying sound from the roofing but provide it better tensile strength and protect it from corrosion.

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