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Green Roofs

green roofs

Green Roof Installation in Texas

Supported by an experienced team of professionals, Big Texas roofing and Solar is engaged in offering its green roofing service to residential and commercial properties. The experts have gained immense expertise in creating living rooftops, thanks to their knowledge of plants and their performance in varied climate conditions. The experts have transformed the concept of green-roofing into an actual construction countless times by eliminating the potential impeding factors, such as cost and maintenance.

It all starts with the assessment of the site to understand the requirements of a particular green roofing project, such as cost, climate, maintenance, and various others. Once done, we embellish your dream home with living rooftops. Our green roofing services are highly acclaimed for meeting the customer’s specific goals and budgets. The services are completed in a given time frame, devoid of any disruption to your property. The comprehensive range of green roofing services includes the installation of a variety of green roof systems, which include traditional, modular, and pre-vegetated roofing systems.

Mastering the Art of Roof Beautification!

⦿ Our green roofing services keep the air cool. As a result, the need for air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter is drastically reduced, saving you money.
⦿ Because it is shielded from the hot summer heat, it lasts longer than a regular roof. The waterproofing membrane is no longer exposed to UV radiation or extreme temperature swings, and it is also shielded from debris.
⦿ Our experts have the required experience in expertise in translating a barren roof into a beautiful living space. Green roofing is not just ordinary roofing. There are multiple factors that can make it a demanding task. By deploying the latest tools and techniques, we can get the job done for you.

Reach Out To Industry Leading Green Roof Company

Now that you have made up your mind to get the living roofing installed on your home, Big Texas Roofing and Solar can get it done for you in a hassle-free manner. We are a renowned green roof contractor in Texas, engaged in offering our highly accredited roofing service in Texas and neighbouring areas. When you reach out to us with your specific green roofing requirements, our team walk you through the entire process, from making an assessment to the type of green roofing that suits best to your roof that fits your budget to get it accomplished for you. Our top-notch services can help you to get the best green roofing and that too in your budget.



There are several factors that can affect the cost of installing a green roof, such as type of roofing, roofing area, installation process, labour cost and several others. The list of roofing types may include, extensive roofing, intensive roof, semi-intensive roof, blue-green roof, bi-solar roof and several others. You can get free estimates from Big Texas Roofing and Solar for the installation of green roofing on your roofing system.

Yes! Green roofs can work on both new and old houses and buildings. Furthermore, they can also survive the other types of the installations, such as solar panels and the roof areas left out for recreation. However, it is crucial to know if your roof can sustain the installation of green roofing. There are types of living roofs that are installed in layers, which can be daunting for the roof itself. A professional green roof service can tell you if your roof is suitable or not.

Leakage is one of the biggest concerns of the clients. However, let’s make it clear that a leaky roof is not based on the fact that it is a green roof or other types of roof. It is the installation and design specification of the roof’s structure that promotes or prevents the leakage. When a robust waterproofing membrane is installed on a roof, the structure will be safe from leakage. Sometimes, the roots of the plants penetrate through the waterproof membrane. In such a case, yearly inspections can help in the removal of the problematic shrubs that can become a potential reason for developing leaks.

Yes! All green roofs need watering at the time of the installation and when the weather is hot and dry. All green roofing system requires some form of initiation watering which should continue until the plants develop a strong root system. Different types of living roofs require different amounts of water. It is crucial to perform the watering carefully until the roof plants have reached maturity.

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