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8 Major Signs That Your Roof Needs a Replacement

8 major signs

Roof deterioration is a gradual process and homeowners wait until the signs of damage become apparent. However, you need to be cautious if it isn’t too late to replace your roof when the damage reaches inside your home. To ensure that, it’s not too late, you need to look for the signs that shout out loud that you need your roof to be replaced. This post highlights some important signs that need to be taken into the consideration as the ground for your entire roof replacement. Let’s start!

Sings That Tell It’s High Time to Reach Out To A Roof Replacement Service

The below-given points can give you a bigger picture of your roofing damage sign and the need for a new roofing system:

1: Leaks in Your Roofing System

Rains and heavy snowfall can gradually promote water leaks, resulting in severe water damage on your roof. To determine the water damage or leaks, keep eye on the following signs:

⦿ Stains on the walls and ceilings are one of the foremost indicators of the water damage on your roofing system and if not treated, can pose a detrimental threat.
⦿ Blistering and peeling of the paint on the ceiling is a manifestation of the roof problem evoking the need for a roofing inspection.
⦿ Water leakage is also one of the most apparent symptoms that indicate the need for your roof replacement.

2: Roof Holes and Punctures

Local wildlife can scrape and puncture your roof materials; leading to the sizeable holes in your roofing. These holes expose your home to the hovering threats of moisture build-up, leaks and rots. When these signs come into sight, get the holes and punctures fixed and missing or cracked shingles replaced. To address these issues, you can hire a professional roofing repair service near you. However, if the inspection suggests otherwise, you need to get your roofing system replaced before the situation gets worse.

3: Splitting On The Roof

Splitting is also a red alert that depicts you need to replace your entire roofing system with a new one. These issues can occur due to the use of poor quality roof installation materials, extreme heat or other seismic events. Splits in your roof guide water to find a way into your home. To look for this factor, you need to determine if there is a long crack running across the surface. If evident, you need to look for a local roof replacement service to replace this faulty roof with a new one.

4: Ageing Roof

The average ageing of a roof can be defined by the material used in the roof installation. Besides, the local climatic condition is also a crucial factor that needs to be considered. Sometimes, the roofing system gets damaged due to several detrimental weather conditions and other external factors. However, if your home has already outlived its lifespan, it is wise to get your roof replaced without further ado. You should be aware of the average lifespan of your roofing material. To know the age of your roof, you need to know its installation time. You can find it in your home improvement records.

5: Damaged Roof Membrane

Strong winds, hail, and storms can bring forth uplifting on a roof membrane. It is not severe, you can get it repaired to prevent it from any further damage. However, if the uplifting is 25% or more, the warning bell is ringing and you need to be all ears to listen to it. Also, if there is a bald or damaged spot on your roof’s membrane, high time that you should replace your existing roofing system with a new one.

6: Shingle Damage on Roof

Gradually with time, thunder, hail, and strong wind can tear your shingles off your roof, letting water penetrate through the protective membranes lying underneath. It can promote rot; difficult to repair. If there is a missing shingle after a fast wind or storm, contact a professional roofer right away. Moreover, the heat and moisture can cause tear and wear damage to the shingles over time and make them curl or break. Poor attic ventilation or shingle double layering are some of the main problems that it can cause. In such a scenario, roof replacement can be your best bet.

7: Daylight Coming Through Cracks

The daylight coming from the attic is also a significant indicator, which tells that your entire roofing system needs to be replaced. However, it can be a tricky task to determine. It is possible that the light is coming from the vent located in the eaves of your roof. Moreover, if you have an exhaust fan, the light can also enter through it. Professional roofing contractors can tell you if the roofing replacement is required or not. Once determined, you can proceed further with what’s needed.

8: The Roof Sags

A sagging roof is also a major roofing concern you need to pay attention to. It demonstrates that trapped moisture has rotten away the wooden boards located underneath your roofing system. It is a serious problem that can only be fixed by getting a new roof installed. If delayed, it can make the situation worse and can rot the contents of your along with the roofing system. Examine the roof surface for the signs of trapped moisture, sagging areas, or rotting boards. The best way to do it is from across the street, wherein, you can easily notice the signs of sagging and slumping in your roof from different angles.

Need Roof Replacement?

Now that you have looked for the potential signs of your roof damage that can bring forth the need for roof replacement, you might be looking for a roof replacement service. Big Texas Roofing and Solar is one of the most reliable roof replacement contractors in Texas that can look into your existing roofing system and offer you the best solutions. After a thorough assessment of your roofing requirements, the most relevant solutions will be offered to you.


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