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Has your roof weathered the recent hailstorm? 🌩️ Don't wait until leaks appear! Our expert team at Big Texas Roofing and Solar is here to provide swift, reliable repairs and inspections to ensure your home stays protected. With decades of experience, A+ BBB and top-quality materials, trust us to restore your peace of mind and safeguard your property against future storms. Contact us today for a thorough assessment!

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The average time of an asphalt roof is about 20 years old. A standard 3-tab asphalt shingle roof that is more than 25 years old needs replacement. As far as your roof is properly ventilated and installed you can get extra roof life. 

The size of the roof will determine the cost of supplies, permits, and labor. A new roof on a 1,000-square-foot house costs an average of $4,000. 

Yes, you can repair the roof yourself, but it is not advisable. Don’t do it alone. Hire a professional who has the appropriate knowledge, training, and insurance to do the job correctly and safely.

If your existing roof covering has minor damage with just a few leaks, it might be a good candidate for re-roofing. However, if your roof deck has extensive water damage, mold, mildew, or is sagging, you will need a complete roof replacement.

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