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Solar Tiles: Future of Solar Industry

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With a significant rise in the popularity of solar power, people are shifting drastically towards the installation of solar tiles in their houses. The majority of people have constantly expressed the desire to have a variety of options in terms of solar products. 

According to the latest survey by Solar Trade Association, more than 1 million households have already installed solar systems on their properties, and the numbers are increasing with each day. The foremost reason for the population of solar products is its decreasing cost and high Efficiency. 

Solar tiles have been increasingly seen as a viable alternative to solar panels. Newly built homes are increasingly being fitted with solar tiles as standards. The occupants living in such newly built houses will benefit from the savings on electricity bills. Since solar tiles have been proven to cost a lot less and come with fewer electricity bills, they become occupants’ first choice. 

Aesthetics combined with Efficiency 

Solar tiles are the perfect option for the occupants who are planning to build a new roof and want it to look aesthetically pleasing. Our highly efficient solar tiles do not just incorporate solar energy but are also aesthetically pleasing and elevate the look of your house.

Homeowners who are in search of aesthetics and roof functionality must opt for solar tiles. They look like conventional tiles but have a modern and eco-friendly feel attached to them. Being a more durable option, solar tiles act multifunctional by giving roof coverings and generating clean energy. Hence, investment in multifunctional solar tiles will help you save money in the future and is proven to be a lifetime investment. 

To make your home eco-friendly and budget-friendly, the solar industry offers a variety of other solar products. With an increased range in alternative materials and higher conversion efficiency, our solar tiles make sure to increase your property value. 

How do solar tiles work? 

The operating system of solar tiles is similar to the photovoltaic panels that are already widely used in construction. The major difference between them is their assembly process: 

The photovoltaic panels are attached to an existing roof, while on the other hand, the solar tiles are an inseparable part of the roof construction. Solar tiles are meant to replace the regular tiling and construct from the start fully. 

The formation of solar tiles consists of photovoltaic cells. As soon as the sunlight is reflected on these cells, an electric field is created, capable of providing electrical energy used for the insides of the building. Each tile is connected with cables to the power distribution board. 

Considering the effective operation of the solar tiles, make sure to install an inverter to convert the energy captured by each tile into electricity used in the building. Another alternative is to convert solar energy into electricity by installing a ‘domestic solar system.’ It would help if you had a professional supervisor to keep an eye on it. 

The energy collected by the solar tiles depends on the weather conditions, and sunny days will incorporate more energy than cloudy days. 

Advantages of Installing Solar Tiles 

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Final Words!

Being an excellent source of renewable energy, solar tiles are the perfect fit for your commercial and residential space. They are visually more attractive and discreet than traditional panels. Since they are a part of the roof design and not installed later, they elevate the house's look. When it comes to solar tiles roofing, Big Texas Roofing and Solar is the ultimate name that comes to mind to provide unmatchable services in the industry. Get in touch with us to know more!  

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