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How Can you Get your Insurance to Pay for Roof Replacement

insurance to pay roof replacement

Many homeowners who have gone through the pain of having to deal with roof damage and trying hard to get their roof insurance claim approved will probably tell you why at times, it can be very difficult to get a claim paid. Now, how do you get your insurance to pay for the roof replacement? The answer to this question involves a blend of information, combination, documentation, and hiring a professional roofing contractor to work on your behalf. It is, however, unfortunate that if you do not follow the proper steps while filing for a roof claim, then your insurance company may deny your claim citing an administrative error. We, are here providing you steps that can get the homeowners' insurance to pay for your roof replacement.

1- Know your Roofing Insurance Coverage

When you notice the damage to your roof the first time, you should look at the homeowners' policy and the coverage that it offers. If you have never read your homeowners’ policy, then it might take you some research to do so. This information will guide you towards making financial decisions about the roof repairs. You can also ask for a copy of your insurance policy from the insurance agent.

A majority of the insurance companies provide two types of roof insurance assistance: repair coverage and replacement coverage. While the former reimburses the homeowner for a certain percentage of the repair costs, the latter provides for the replacement of a roof that is beyond repair. Such policies are much more expensive and lessen the chances of the claim being approved. This is why it is so crucial to document the damage and ask for a claim as soon as possible.

Sadly, not all roof damages are covered by homeowners insurance. Whether or not you will get the claim depends on three things: the conditions of your policy, the location of your property, and the cause of the damage. For instance, a roof ravaged by a hailstorm may qualify for insurance coverage because it is an unpredictable event whose chances of happening are less. However, if the same hailstorm occurs in Florida, it might not be covered because of the frequency of such events, or because a hurricane is not covered in the homeowners' policy or because the property owner did not take appropriate precautions.

2- Record the Damage and Contact your Insurance Agency

Once you establish that the damage you are seeking the claim for, is covered under your homeowners' insurance, the next step is to record or document the damage. The first step is to take a lot of photos, not only of the exterior but also the interior of your home. You should carefully document all the damage and should have photographic proof of it. If, however, you are not able to assess the damage safely, you need to call an experienced roofing inspector. Why? Because better be safe than sorry. If a clear and careful assessment of the damage is not done, getting your insurance company to accept your claim would be very difficult.

3- Assess Roofing Companies and Hire the Most Reputable

After you have submitted your roof insurance claim, look for a reputable roofing company that already has experience of roofing claims to perform a roofing inspection. They are qualified enough to assess the damage and compile a report for your insurance company.

How Should you Decide for the Company?

You should be looking for a company that does both roof installation and roof replacement for a variety of roofing materials. This company should also have a functional website and a Google My Business Page with reviews about this company from other customers. Also, make sure that the roofing company you choose has some prior experience dealing with insurance claims. This will make it easy for them to communicate with the insurance company and proffer proof that your claim is genuine.

4- Stay Away from Insurance Scams and Storm Chasers

After any storm, there is a flood of scammers knocking on your doors, with the promise of a free roof, beware of these fraudsters. Such people going door to door are trained salespersons with a malevolent intention. Trust me, they will try very hard to convince you into their intentions but you should not.

These scamsters are trained to play with the insecurities of the homeowners who, sometimes, easily fall into this trap. You must make it a point to stay away from them.

5- Take the Next Logical Steps in Your roof Replacement Claim

Once you submit your insurance claim with the insurance company and find a suitable roofer to proffer supporting evidence, your insurance company holds the right to whether or not to accept your claim. They respond in a stipulated amount of time, usually 15 days.

If after 15 days(this period may vary with the insurance company), the company rejects your claim, you can make an appeal against this decision. Always make sure to consult your insurance agent for any clarity in the process. If your claim is approved, you can give the go-ahead to your roofing contractors to start their work. You must also regularly check for maintenance related issues and get it inspected regularly.

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