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What To Do After Roof Suffers Storm Damage?

what to do after roof suffers storm damage

It is quite often when a storm hits a locality, settles down, and people carry on with their lives. But have you ever wondered what damage this heavy rain and strong wind might have caused to your home? Roof Storm damages can be external as well as internal. This is why it is important that you give your roof top a deep inspection and call in a roof repair service if needed.

There are several damages that a storm can do to even one of the best roofing systems. Therefore, if you live somewhere like Texas and have been recently hit by a downpour and gale, keep reading. We are here with the clarification to all your queries. Let us introduce you to the types of destructions to look out for and how to fix the ones that you find.

Various Roof Damages After a Storm

It is necessary that people inspect the exteriors of their houses once the storm has passed. This way, they can catch a leak, a broken shingle, or other damages at an early stage and avoid long-term vandalism. But first, you must know what the damages that you need to look out for are.

Damage Due to Hail
Hail is the ice stones that fall on your roof during heavy fall. These can, at times, leave behind severe damage to a roofing system. Destruction as big as holes can show its immediate effect not just on the rooftop but, with time, on the entire structure. To avoid the problem becoming bigger and ending up requiring a roof replacement, we recommend you get it checked right after a storm ends.

Rain Damage
Water leaks are one of the biggest problems in any building and also the most neglected one. It can actually cut short the life of your rooftop to half. When heavy rain hits any structure, it is quite obvious that the water will get collected and eventually enter the interiors. This is why it is very important to fix roof leak by drying it out and remove any water collected. Also, keep an eye for water patches and if you see them, get them checked without procrastinating.

Damage Due to Strong Wind
String wind can crack or even take off the shingles from your roof. This eventually will leave open areas, and that can cause damage in the long run. Therefore, when you inspect your rooftop the next time, ensure that all tiles are in place and are in shape. If not, call in some roofing contractors, and they will do the repair for you.

Steps to Follow After a Storm Hit Your Roof

Now that you know what all damages you need to look for, it is time to get into action. Here are a few steps that everyone living in a locality hit by a storm ought to follow:

Analyze the Real Damage
As we listed above, a storm can do so much to a rooftop as it is the head of the entire structure. Fallen trees, heavy hail, snow, water build-up, and many other things can end up digging a hole in your pockets. That’s why analyzing your roof as soon as it gets safe to step outside can help you save yourself from further long-term expenses. You can also call roof inspectors team to inspect everything in depth.

Perform Quick Temporary Fixes
It is important that you do not leave the catastrophe unattended. If you see a hole or snow build-up that you yourself can fix on a temporary basis, go ahead and do it. Leaving these as they are can create unnecessary trouble and expense for you. In the meantime, make sure you contact some experts so that they can help you overcome the problem permanently.

Call Your Insurance Company
Repairs after a storm can be too much at times. This is why it is always better to call your insurance company as soon as possible after you gather everything to present in front of them. Remember, roof insurance claims are time restrained. Therefore, it is better to bring everything together and submit the documents as soon as possible and save your money.

Connect with a Roof Repair Service Provider

Once you see the severity of the situation, it is time to connect with one of the few trusted roofing contractors in your locality. If you live anywhere near Texas, you can put your trust in us. Unlike the fraudsters present in the market today, we at Big Texas Roofing and Solar have contractors with decades of experience and proper license. After the storm hits your area, give us a call, and we will send in our best team of experts your way. From roof inspection to repair to replacement, we provide every necessary service.

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