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6 Important Tips to Maintain your Roof in Texas

6 important tips to maintain your roof in

Build your home, forget about the roof till you need some repairs- this is the pattern that is followed by a lot of homeowners. 

Your roof does not deserve the neglect it gets and that is why we, in this blog will tell you about the simple roof maintenance tips that can have an astronomical effects on the lifespan of your roof. 

Whatever you do, after the roof has reached its threshold, you will need to get it replaced. The good news is, this threshold is more than 15 to 20 years. This means if you take good care of your roof, it will be two decades before you will need a new roof. Also, changing the roof is expensive, so you would be doing yourself a lot of good by taking care of your roof. 

When it comes to roofing in Texas, there are certain roof maintenance tips that can help extend the life of your roof. The warm weather in Texas necessitates the regular upkeep and maintenance of your roof to keep it working at full potential. 

Listed below are the 6 maintenance tips that can help you maintain your roof. Following these tips will also reduce the chances of unforeseen repair costs down the road for you;

1- Get a Roof Inspection

Probably one of the easiest ways of determining whether or not your roof is in working condition is getting your roof inspected. Inspection of roof will also tell you if your roof needs any repair, whatsoever. 

While having your roof checked once in a while is advisable, getting your roof inspected once a year is a good idea.  If you really want to save on your repair costs in the later years, you need to get certified roof contractors to fix your roof. 

What to Expect from a Roof Inspection

A roof inspector will look for a number of things. Your roof inspection company will inspect all the important areas that need to be checked for maintaining a strong roof. This would include properly checking the attic as well as the interior ceiling to make sure that it does not have water leaks. It would also cover loose or missing shingles as well as any signs of mold in the roof.  If there are missing granules, damage to roof flashing, cracks or other spots, it often means that your roof is wearing down. If a contractor finds that there is significant wear and tear, it may be a sign that the roof needs repair or replacement. 

All said and done, it is always better to know whether your roof needs repair or not. Regular roof inspections can help you in determining this.  

2- Clean Out Your Gutters

Often neglected as a key component to roofing in Texas, cleaning your gutters is an absolute necessity. The need for this arises when gutters get clogged up with leaves, other debris etc. These can actually damage your roof.  The purpose of gutters is to steer water away from your home and foundation. However, if it is not cleaned regularly, they cannot do their job properly.  If they do not get rid of the debris and water, it makes moisture to build up underneath your roof.  It goes without saying therefore that the water that accumulates in your roofing is not a good thing as it can lead to leaks, mold and many other issues to form within your roof. 

It is advisable to clean your gutters twice a year with the requisite tools and materials.  Once in the spring and once again in the fall ensures optimal performance of the roof.  Doing this small task can save you big in the long run. 

3- Remove Moss and Mold

Removing mold and moss is another maintenance tip, especially for homes that are surrounded by larger trees. In seasons that attract higher allergens, it is definitely a good idea to clean it off your roof.  Spraying moss remover on the roof can help you get rid of the moss. You should spray it on your roof and then let it sit for a while. Then, you need to brush it away with a hand-held broom or a soft brush.  If you use a coarse brush, you can unintentionally remove granules from your roof. You would not want to do this as granules play an important part in protecting your roof from the sun’s rays. 

Sometimes, along with moss, mold is also present. If that is the case, the cleaner can take care of both of these issues. 

4- Trim Branches that Overhang

One major aspect to keep in mind with respect to roofing in Texas is to keep your roof clear of tree branches. Go outside and take a good look at your roof. If you find any branches hanging over your roof, you would want to trim them.  While a tree branch over your roof may seem harmless, when a tree is close to your roof, its leaves fall onto the roof. Over a period of time, the leaves begin to pile up.  As this happens, the moisture also begins to accumulate in them. If this happens, your roof will retain some of that moisture. After this, you start having issues such as rotting tiles and potential mild. 

As your tiles begin to rot, your roof will become much weaker as a result. After a period of exposure, it will start causing serious damage to your roof. So, while you are taking care of the roof maintenance, make sure to trim up those overhanging branches. 

If you are not comfortable doing this on your own, you might want to hire tree trimming services in the area which can do this at an affordable cost. 

5- Check your Chimney and Vent Openings

Although a standard roofing inspection should include a chimney and vent opening inspection you can also do it by yourself. In that case, you would need to inspect them yourself. You must look for signs of cracked bricks or mortar as well as chimney flashing. 

As mentioned earlier, you must try to keep water and other elements out. If there is any damage to the vents or chimney, it could act as the entry point for water. Should you notice that there is any sign of damage, you can have the area repaired and resealed. 

If you are unsure about this, you might want to get in touch with a professional roofer in Texas who can advise you about the necessary repairs to your roof. 

6- Check on Your Roof Sealant

From time to time, you need to reapply sealant on your roof. Wear and tear is what you are looking for.  If the sealant gets worn out, it needs to be resealed. This would require removing the applied sealant and then applying an all new sealant to the affected areas. 

While this may seem a little bit tedious and redundant, it is one of the best things that can happen to your roof. This will increase the lifespan of your roof manifold.

Need Help with Roofing in Texas?

A little maintenance can go a long way in ensuring that your roof’s lifespan is increased many times. You must make provisions that so that you do not need a roof leak repair.  If looking at your roof, you are not sure what kind of roof repair is necessary, then we recommend you get in touch with us. Contact us for a proper roof inspection. 

We, at Big Texas Roofing and Solar, are a team of dedicated roofing professionals who regularly perform thorough roof inspections for properties in and around Texas region. 

Also, we have helped many homeowners with minor repairs which they required. And that too at cost-effective and fair prices. 

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