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Metal Roof vs. Asphalt Shingles โ€“ The Ultimate Guide

metal roof vs asphalt shingles the ultimate guide

Choosing the most appropriate roofing style for a structure can never be defined. A lot of factors can affect this decision. The locality you live in, the building codes of your town, the overall outlook of your house, and a lot more factors together help you make the right choice.

If we talk about two of the top choices of the people living in and around Texas, it has to be asphalt and metal roofing. Because this location is more prone to storms, heavy rain, hail, and more, these are the most sustainable and budget-friendly choices one can make.

However, there are huge differences between these two as well. To understand which one is the best choice for your residence, it is important that you have clarity on both. From their pros and cons to the difference in their pricing, every factor is important to consider.

If you are also planning to install a new roofing system on your rooftop, then this blog will help you. Here, we will compare these two roofing styles on various basis. This can help you come up with an informed decision.

Introduction to Metal Roofing

First, it is essential to understand the basics of these roofing systems. Metal roofing, as the name suggests, is lying metal sheets. These come in almost every possible color and in many designs. Also, there are a few varieties available today for people to choose from.
Unlike earlier times, roofing companies also provide metal roofing tiles with flat seams. This helps in enhancing the overall look of the structure.

Introduction to Asphalt Roofing

If we talk about asphalt shingle roofing style, these tiles are made of fiberglass material. The base is then covered with ceramic granules. However, there are many options and designs available for the same, but it is still limited when compared to metal tiles.
The installation of these tiles usually requires nailing each tile on a wooden frame. The majority of people have asphalt shingle roofing as it is one of the most economical roofing styles.

Comparison Between Metal and Asphalt Shingle Roofing

There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing the most appropriate roofing style for a rooftop. Here are a few basis on which you can compare metal and asphalt roofing and see which one is the right choice for you.

On the Basis of Longevity
If we talk about the lifespan of metal and asphalt shingle roofs, the winner would be metal roofs. When an asphalt shingle roof might require replacement within 15-30 years. Metal roofing can stay with you for as long as 40-70 years.

Asphalt shingles can easily wear because of direct sunlight, precipitation, and strong winds. Metal roofs, however, have properties to beat all these factors for much longer.

On the Basis of Raw Material Cost

When we look at the raw material cost of these roofing systems, metal roofing is a bit on the expensive side. If we compare the asphalt shingle price with metal per square foot, then a metal shingle costs around $8-$16. However, asphalt shingles are available at $2-$6.
Because of this price difference, more and more people are inclining towards asphalt shingle roofs.

On the Basis of Maintenance

Metal roofs require less maintenance and care in comparison to asphalt shingles. However, it is not always necessary as there are various factors that can change this statement. If there is an installation issue with the metal tiles, then it might become a cause of frequent maintenance.

This is why it is important that you hire a trusted roofing company, such as Big Texas Roofing and Solar, to get the best results.

On the Basis of Installation

The installation process of asphalt shingle roofs is solely enough to win it. As mentioned earlier, to set up an asphalt roof, you only need tiles, nails, and a nail gun. This does not require an expert. People who know how to handle these types of equipment might be able to do it themself.

If we talk about metal roof installation, though, it is a task of a professional. From handling the shingles to interlocking them perfectly is not everyone’s cup of tea.

On the Basis of Durability 

Air, water, sunlight, everything has a direct impact on your rooftop as it is the head of any structure. Metal has cooling properties, and therefore it does not show frequent impacts of extreme weather conditions.

Water, too, does not get collected in this roofing system as the tiles are interlocked, and therefore there is no space in between. However, with asphalt shingles, it can be a bit tricky. These tiles do not reflect sunlight. This is why they have a shorter lifespan.

However, it is important to note that metal tiles keep the structure cool. As a result, people end up spending more on heating appliances. However, with asphalt shingles, the same happens during summers as it lets the heat enter the building.

On the Basis of Resale Value

The roofing system installed on your rooftop has a great effect on the resale value of the residence. Due to the popularity of metal roofs and their lifespan, homes with metal rooftops are usually sold for a better price.

Note that the roofing system is not the only factor that a buyer considers. Therefore, you might get lesser for metal roofing if there are other issues involved. Locality, overall structure, age of the building, and many other factors together help a buyer decide a price.

On the Basis of Available Options

People tend to go the extra mile to make sure that the interior and exterior of their houses look fantastic. From the color of the walls to every decor item, they make sure everything compliments each other. Then why compromise on the roof?

Although asphalt shingles usually come in the same composition and limited colors. With metal tiles, you have a lot of options to choose from. These are available in almost every color and have gorgeous designs too.

You can make sure that your rooftop goes well with the rest of the building.

Final Statement

There is no wrong or right when it comes to asphalt shingles and metal roofing. There is a long checklist that you need to take care of. However, in this post, we have mentioned all possible basis on which you might be able to come up with a decision.
Whatever you decide, Big Texas Roofing and Solar offers the best roofing services for all. With affordable pricing and experienced experts, we assure you to provide satisfactory services. Give us a call and call our team today!

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